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It is sad to have to cut down trees, but some are hazardous and some threaten the native species. Do you have aged trees on your property and are you concerned for the next storm? 

We do tree felling if the surrounding area is open and clear to let the tree fall. If the tree is surrounded by homes or other valuable objects, we do tree rigging to cut one section of a tree at a time, and we control the fall by tying with a rope, so that it would not damage the ground as well as the surrounding.

We can also provide chipping and stump grinding services.



We don't want to waste the beautiful trees when they come down. Whenever possible, we try to give them the second life.

Do you have tree logs sitting around but no way to mill them for your next projec?


We are equipped with our "Millie" the mighty truck to move your heavy logs.


Are you planning to plant a tree around your house but not sure where exactly, or what kind of tree would do well in your neighborhood? Let me 


Do you need a tree assessment for your home property or business property?

What are the benefits of hiring us?

We have been in business since 2000. We have dealt with Maui's various sorts of climate, geography, telephone poles, water catchments, and neighbors of clients :-) We have top quality equipments. We are fully insured. We are reliable. We are good communicators. Your satisfaction is very important to us. We will work with you to make sure that yours and your trees' needs are met.

I am a certified arborist, and I am fully insured.